Looking for some quality track time?

If you’re looking for track time on a day that’s not as busy as an Open Lapping Day, and not as lonely as a Semi-Exclusive Test and Tune day, then a VIP Track Day is for you!

High Plains Raceway VIP Track Days are the perfect opportunity to get quality track time with fewer participants, less stress and more fun.  You’ll have all the amenities of an Open Lapping Day (lights, workers, ambulance) with a bit more elbow room on track.

For $400 HPR’s VIP Track Day includes:

  • Six 30 minute sessions on track
  • Eight cars max on track per session
  • Carport and electric hookup
  • Lunch buffet from the Raceway Café
  • Attendance is capped at 16 drivers total to be separated into two equal groups based on lap times
  • If eight or more drivers have registered by 8:00 am the day before the event, then Chris Sarian of Sarian Motorsports will be on hand and available for instruction, coaching and feedback

Event Schedule:

  • 7:30 am – Gates open
  • 8:30 am – Brief drivers meeting
  • 9:00 am – Track hot
  • 12:00 am – Lunch
  • 1:00 pm – Track hot
  • 4:00 pm – Track cold
  • 5:00 pm –  Gates closed

VIP Track Days are scheduled for the following days:

Friday, April 8  Register

Monday, April 25  Register

Monday, May 9  Register

Monday, June 20  Register

Monday, July 11  Register

Monday, July 25  Register

Monday, August 29  Register

Monday, September 19  Register

Friday, October 21  Register

Based on demand and popularity we will add more days if needed.

The Fine Print:

  • The $400 fee is per driver.  Each driver can bring/drive more than one car if desired.
  • Cars only, no motorcycles, three wheelers or karts will be allowed.
  • Drivers will provide an estimated lap time during registration.  These times will be used to divide the participants into two groups during the drivers meeting.
  • If there are 8 or fewer drivers we will let the drivers vote to have two groups with fewer drivers, or open track.
  • All drivers must meet the age and licensing requirements listed in our Open Lapping Day Information page.
  • All cars must meet the technical and safety requirements listed in our Open Lapping Day Information page.
  • All registration and payment is done through MotorsportReg via the links above.
  • HPR Open Lapping gift certificates, prepaid discount cards and season passes will not be accepted as payment for participation in our VIP Track Days.
  • Cancelations must be done through the MSR website.  Phone calls, voicemails and emails to cancel will not be honored.  Cancelations done prior to 8:00 am on the day of the event will receive a 100% credit for future use.   The credit will be applied to your account at the conclusion of the event that was canceled.  VIP Track Day credits can be used towards Open Lapping Days.  Cancelations done after 8:01 am on the day of the event and no-shows will not receive any credit.
  • VIP Track Days will not be canceled due to rain or thunderstorms.