Weekend Events

Virtually every “in season” weekend (April through October) at HPR is booked by various amateur racing organizations. Each club has their own rules and regulations about participating in their events. The host club may require membership and, of course, conformance with their respective rules. Please directly contact those various organization about their requirements to participate in their events. You can click here to view and contact those various organizations.

HPR Open Lapping Days

Open Lapping days are when virtually anyone can come out and do laps. Obviously no wheel-to-wheel racing, but an opportunity to exercise your car or motorcycle and improve your skills. Please consult the Calendar page for exact days. Certain safety and competency requirements are required so also be sure to read and be prepared to comply with the information contained in the Lapping Day Information page. Then use the Lapping Days link to register and pay.

HPR VIP Track Days

If you’re looking for track time on a day that’s not as busy as an Open Lapping Day, and not as lonely as a Semi-Exclusive Test and Tune day, then a VIP Track Day is for you!  For more information CLICK HERE

HPR track rental is available for testing or for special events

The HPR circuit can be rented for professional or amateur teams to test & tune. As well, the track can be exclusively rented for special events. Consult the Calendar page to see what days are available.  Please see the option details below and then complete our Track Rental Request Form.

HPR Rental Programs

The track can be rented under four different pricing structures:
  • Private Event Rental – Best for groups with more than 12 cars
  • Exclusive Test and Tune – Best for groups of 4-12 cars
  • Semi-Exclusive Test and Tune – Best for groups of 1-3 cars
  • Video/Photo Shoot

2022 Private Event Rental

  • Base Rate
    • Weekday: $4800 per day
    • Weekend/Holiday: $6300 per day
  • Per vehicle fee
    • $15.00 per vehicle that enters the track
  • General Liability Insurance
    • Separate policy required for $5M GL coverage.  You may bring your own policy subject to HPR approval, or you may get a quote from our carrier.  Cost varies according to the specifics of the event, budget price $1000 per day.
  • ALS Ambulance
    • $125/hr
  • This is the only rental option where competition, whether wheel-to-wheel or against the clock, is allowed
  • This is the most cost effective program for groups larger than 12 vehicles
  • Corner workers, towing, fire and other services are not included in the base rate, but are available at the rates listed below:
    • Corner workers $17/worker/hour (need at least 5 workers to cover the entire track)
    • Towing $70/hour
    • Towing and fire/rescue crew $120/hour
  • 25% deposit and contract required
  • Weekend Hours:
    • Paddock access 6am
    • Track hot 8am – 6pm
  • Weekday Hours:
    • Paddock access 7am
    • Track hot 8am – 5pm
  • To reserve the track, please complete our Track Rental Request Form.

Exclusive Test and Tune

Exclusive Test and Tune dates are scheduled by user request only.  Any day on the calendar listed as “Available for Rental” can be converted to an Exclusive Test and Tune using the Track Rental Request Form.
  • Base Rate
    • $2800 per day
    • Full days only, no half day rate
  • Per vehicle fee
    • The base rate allows the user to have (4) vehicles use the track, regardless of the number of drivers ($700 per vehicle)
    • If the user wants to have more than (4) vehicles, all additional vehicles are $400 each, also regardless of the number of drivers
    • Example – you and five friends all bring one car for a total of six cars.  The $2800 base fee covers the first four cars, the other two cars are $400 each for a total of $3600.
  • General Liability Insurance
  • ALS Ambulance
    • $125/hr
  • Testing only, no competition allowed
  • This is the most cost effective program f