First Week

Saturday, August 31 Cars Open Lapping

Sunday, September 1 Motorcycles Open Lapping

Second Week

Thursday, September 6 The Formula Experience

Thursday, September 6 Cars Night Lapping 

Friday, September 6 Cars Open Lapping **Special Hours**

September 7th and 8th

World Racing League 24@5280 24 Hour Endurance Race

World Racing League (WRL) fills the gap between entry-level budget series and pro racing. It’s a “club level” series where motorsports enthusiast can race virtually any properly prepped car in real endurance races lasting 8 to 24 hours, and enjoy all of the challenges and strategy involved.

Third Week

Thursday, September 12, Cars Night Lapping

Friday, September 13, Cars Open Lapping

September 14th and 15th

24 Hours of LeMons

Racing shouldn’t just be for rich idiots. Racing should be for all idiots. That’s where Lemons comes in.

See the Insanity HERE

Fourth Week

Thursday, September 19 3R Racing Driver and Car Development Track Day

Thursday, September 19 Cars Night Lapping

Friday, September 20 Cars Open Lapping

September 21st and 22nd

Rocky Mountain Thunder Club Race & Solo DE

Come join Rocky Mountain Region for a fantastic weekend of racing and advanced DE driving at exciting High Plains Raceway

Kudos to All

Fifth Week

Thursday, September 26 Autohaus Boulder Track Day

Friday, September 27th Motorcycles Only Open Lapping

May 11th and 12th

Motorcycle Roadracing Association

The MRA (Motorcycle Roadracing Association) is committed to bringing the sport of on-track motorcycle roadracing to Colorado. The MRA features the fastest riders on sport bikes in the state competing head to head on a wide varieties of racing motorcycles.  The club welcomes aspiring roadracers with an introductory class almost every weekend, roadrace fans as spectators, and anyone wishing to get involved with track operations.   Schedule, contact information, & club details are available at