2022 UNLIMITED Open Lapping Day Pass

One payment of $1300 allows you to attend EVERY HPR Open Lapping day (cars and/or bikes) held during the 2022 season (events designated as “tentative” are included, but may still be canceled subject to the normal weather and attendance requirements).

Terms and Conditions
  • Unlimited passes are not transferable, they may only be used by the original recipient.
  • Unlimited passes are non-refundable.
  • Valid from January 1, 2022 through November 22, 2022.
  • Online registration (using the lapping day card/pass option) is required prior to arriving at the track.  Unlimited pass holders are still subject to event attendance restrictions.  If an event is “sold out” or only half day options are available then holding an unlimited pass will not exempt you from those restrictions.
  • Open Lapping Day season passes cannot be used as payment towards our VIP Track Day events.
  • Lapping Day attendance numbers are limited.  If you register for an event with your unlimited pass and are not able to attend, you must cancel your registration online.  If you register for an event with your unlimited pass and the event sells out, and you do not attend and do not cancel prior to the start of the event (therefore preventing someone else from attending), your MSR account will be billed for the cost of your entry.  This charge must be paid before you will be allowed to attend another lapping day.

How do I register using my Open Lapping Day Card, Unlimited Season Pass or Gift Certificate?

Even if you have one of these three cards you must still register for each lapping day you plan to attend.  Go through the regular registration process and when it comes time to choose between morning, full day or afternoon, please be sure to select from the lapping day card options that are below the normal paid registration options, as seen below:

Red Racer