Everyone is Welcome!

Everyone is welcome at our Open Lapping Days. Virtually any type of car is allowed and no previous race track experience is necessary. There are NO SPEED LIMITS and NO SPEEDING TICKETS! It’s a fun way to challenge yourself, improve your skills and have a great time in a controlled and safe environment! If you have ANY questions about HPR’s Open Lapping Days, please first review the Lapping Days Information Page as most all questions are addressed there. If your question isn’t answered there please contact track management.

If you are interested in…

  • Purchasing a Prepaid Lapping Day Discount Card, click here.
  • Purchasing an Unlimited Season Pass, click here.
  • Purchasing a Gift Certificate, click here.
  • Signing up yourself or someone else for a single Lapping Day, please follow the steps below.
Step 1: Read Open Lapping Days Information

Be sure to read and be prepared to comply with the policies described in the Lapping Days Information Page. This document isn’t the typical “terms and conditions” that’s full of legal garbage that no one reads or understands. This document contains valuable information that will answer just about any question you may have before showing up for your first lapping day including age requirements, prices, hours and much more. This document also covers all the differences between the summer and winter programs, and all cancellation policies that will be enforced. Save yourself some time and PLEASE READ IT.

Step 2: Check out the Calendar

Please consult the Calendar page for the exact Lapping Days available for various types of vehicles (Car, Motorcycles). Make note of which day you’d like to come out and play.

Step 3: Need an Instructor?

Would you like to have an instructor? High Plains Raceway now has personal instruction available on our Open Lapping Days! For more information about this program please CLICK HERE. You can sign up for an instructor when you register on the next page.

Step 4: Get a MotorsportReg Account

Our Open Lapping Day registration is handled through a third party service called MotorsportReg. If you already have an account with MotorsportReg then you’re ready for Step 5! If you don’t yet have an account you’ll need to create one, but don’t worry, it’s easy and FREE. For step by step directions to create your account CLICK HERE. Please be sure to complete all eight steps listed in the instructions.

Once you have your own account, please always register yourself for each Open Lapping Day.  Please do not use the “Register Someone Else” option in MotorsportReg to add other participants, and do not allow anyone else to add you to your registration.