No Speed Limits and No Speeding Tickets

Everyone is welcome at our Open Lapping Days.  Virtually any type of car is allowed and no previous race track experience is necessary.  There are NO SPEED LIMITS and NO SPEEDING TICKETS!  It’s a fun way to challenge yourself, improve your skills and have a great time in a controlled and safe environment!

Please read this ENTIRE PAGE.  It contains a collection of information and answers to virtually every question we’ve been asked since the track opened in 2009.  If you have a question about Open Lapping Days there is a 99.9% chance the answer is on this page!

All vehicle and driver requirements, qualifications, etc are listed here.  If it’s not listed here, it’s not required.

Also, please visit our COVID-19 information page for any adjustments to the policies listed below.


No Drone Zone

  • All participants with no previous track time during HPR Open Lapping Days are REQUIRED to attend the Drivers/Riders Meeting before they will be allowed on the track.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  An HPR Open Lapping Day is one where you paid HPR directly via to participate.  Track events hosted by other entities (dealerships, clubs, etc) do not count.
  • All participants who have not attended an Open Lapping Day within the last two years are REQUIRED to attend the Drivers/Riders Meeting before they will be allowed on the track.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not know if you attended in the last two years you can look at your registration history in your account.
  • If you fall into one of the above categories it is strongly recommended that you check in at registration prior to the start of the Drivers/Riders meeting.  Your name will be called at the beginning of the meeting and you must be present for the ENTIRE MEETING.
  • The Drivers/Riders meeting is held at least once at every Open Lapping Day.  Please see the “schedule” section of this document to determine when the Drivers/Riders Meeting(s) is held.  Once you have been through the meeting it is not required every time you come to the track (unless it has been more than two years) but it is STRONGLY recommended.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are up to date with any changes to policies that may have occurred since you last attended a meeting.
  • Drivers must be 18 years of age or older.  Exceptions MAY be made if a driver has a valid competition license and is entered in an upcoming HPR event sanctioned by the club for which the minor holds a competition license.  Please contact track management directly to discuss such exceptions.
  • Drivers 16-17 who do not hold a valid competition license are allowed, provided they are accompanied AT ALL TIMES on the track by an instructor from Sarian Motorsports Click here for more information about Sarian Motorsports instruction at HPR.
  • Passengers are allowed in cars, subject to restriction at the discretion of track management.  There is no charge for passengers.  Passengers must be at least 18 years of age.  Drivers who display multiple spins or other indications of driving “over their head” may lose their ability to have passengers in the