Worth the Read!

The story of High Plains Raceway is as unique as it is exciting. HPR is the only facility in the country which was conceived, financed, designed and built by a collection of amateur road racing clubs and their members. And the results are amazing! While most weekends will be used by the clubs who own HPR, the facility has remarkable potential beyond those club weekends. This is the history of how HPR came to be.

How & Why HPR Came To Be

The genesis of HPR was back in 2003 when the regional amateur racing clubs realized the days of their home track (the old Second Creek Raceway near Denver International Airport) were numbered. A serious effort was then launched and the CAMA (Colorado Amateur Motorsports Associates) entity was formed expressly for the job of creating a new track for the clubs.

As expected, Second Creek Raceway actually closed at the end of the 2005 race season. Compounding the loss of Second Creek was the closing, that same year, of two other facilities used by the clubs. Specifically Pikes Peak International Raceway and Mountain View were closed. And the Stapleton circuit was also no longer available. Clearly these closures severely compromised the racing opportunities for the regional amateur road racing clubs.

Consequently, the development of a new race facility took on additional urgency. There was a strong belief that a club sponsored, owned and operated motorsports facility for Denver and the Front Range was an essential to the future of amateur road racing in Colorado.


Second Creek closes in 2005 and goes to seed.